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Formerly known as Ipséity Art Deisgn, we at AD | Atelier + Design have partnered with artists, galleries, art museums, corporate, hospitality, and healthcare facilities during Alicia Tran's 19 years of experience in the art world. We enjoy the challenge of creating vibrant spaces for new clients and revitalizing artworks for returning clients.




We work closely with our clients to understand the culture and message they want to create through art – whether it’s to feng shui your personal space, calm the nerves of healthcare patients, stimulate intellects of product designers, lend an urban vibe to a downtown boutique hotel, or reinforce the brand messaging of a law firm. Our clients appreciate our ability to bring them artwork that is unique, gives pause and infuses excitement into their art collection.


Alicia Tran started her career as an artist, having her first show in high school. In college she became a gallery owner, initially showing her work, then curating exhibitions for progressive artists to internationally known artists. This lead to a position at a contemporary art museum, serving as the Assistant Director VS, to managing and consulting for contemporary and western art galleries, art brokering, and designing commercial and residential spaces. She merged her company Ipséity Art Design into her interior architecture and interior design company, AD | Atelier + Design, as a one stop shop for your full scope Art and Design needs. With Alicia's extensive experience she is able to tap into all these areas of expertise using art and design to create collections and spaces that reflect your unique ipseity.

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